Group Equipment


List of equipment bought on Gitosy using group funds:

Laser Drill (TL10)

Weight: Drill, 8kg; Tripod 1kg; Powerpack 6kg

Cost: Cr10,500 (extra powerpack Cr3,000; tripod Cr250)

A heavy-duty, semi-portable laser specifically designed for mining tolerances and calibrated for low and zero-gravity use. The drill is tripod-mounted and equipped with hydraulic, self-fixing and releasing bolts for added stability. The tripod is gimballed to allow a 360 degree horizontal rotation and 270 degree vertical rotation, damped and counterbalanced (using small internal gyroscopes). In terms of its power, it is far more powerful than a laser rifle, but is heavier and much less accurate; if being used as a weapon, rather than for drilling, attacks suffer a –2DM and inflict 7D6 damage.

The powerpack is not compatible with laser rifles or other energy weapons and it provides the equivalent of 1 hour of intermittent use or 200 shots. If subjected to sustained use in a 1 hour period, this constitutes excessive use and calls for a Quality/Chance of Failure check. This can be mitigated by using an auxiliary capable hooked to a Prospecting Buggy, vehicle, or ship outlet.


Mag-Grips (TL7) ×4

Cost: Cr100

A pair of permanent magnets that can be attached to the boots or gloves of a vacc suit and allowing the user to attach to any magnetic surface under zero-g conditions. It takes 1D3 minutes to install a set of mag-grips. At TL7 powered versions are available that allow items to remain in situ up to an acceleration of 4G.


Suit Patches (TL7) ×4

Cost: Cr2 for a pack of 5

10cm square patches of airtight, self-adhesive fabric used for temporary vacc suit repairs. The patch has a finite usefulness of 1D3 hours and only half this time if used on a vulnerable suit area, such as a knee or elbow joint.


Hand Propulsion Unit (TL7) ×2

Weight: 2kg

Cost: Cr1,000

A handheld, low thrust jet used for zero-g manoeuvring. The jet uses a pressurised air canister with a 20-use shelf-life before it needs to be recharged. The unit can fire fore and aft for both forward and counter-momentum.


Boarding Cutter (TL 10): The primary purpose of this cutting torch is to cut through an airlock door or part of a ship’s hull but it can be used as a devastating close–range weapon.










Cost (Cr.)

Ammo Cost (Cr.)

Boarding Cutter


Melee (bludgeon)






Total cost: 18,150 Cr.


Group Equipment

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